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Student services and support programs

A range of support personnel work in our school to cater for the diverse needs of our students.  They provide intervention and support for our students, primarily in literacy and numeracy.

  • Support teacher – Literacy and numeracy

  • Guidance officer (part-time)

  • Speech language pathologist (part-time)

  • Special education teacher

  • English as an additional dialect (EALD) staff (1 full time teacher, 3 part-time teacher aides)

  • Additional intervention teacher (part-time)

  • Chaplain

Support personnel

We currently employ a support teacher – literacy and numeracy and special education teacher to support our students with their learning. Support may range from individualised programs, small group intervention and classroom support. Intensive support is also enhanced through the use of technology such as iPads and computers.

We also have access to a guidance officer and speech language pathologist who works with our school community to provide support and assessments for identified students.

At Acacia Ridge State School, over 30 cultural backgrounds are represented among our students. EALD students (English as an additional language or dialect) are provided with English language learning support by two specialist teachers, a teacher aide and two bi-lingual support aides.

Our school specializes in refugee and migrant support, catering for a large population of African, Middle Eastern, Eastern European, Pacifica and Asian students. Students may receive support for their first three years of Australian education. This support assists students to work to their potential and fast track their English abilities.

Should parents and carers require assistance, the school is able to contact the translating and interpreting services to arrange for on-site or telephone interpreting. Our school employs two interpreters, a Somali and Farsi speaker to assist in communicating with parents and the community.

Our school also has a chaplain two days a week to provide support for our students and run various programs in our school, focusing on social skills, friendship skills and self esteem.

Special education

Acacia Ridge State School has two special education programs. The first is an early childhood developmental program (ECDP) which supports children with various disabilities from birth to pre-prep. This program is offered at the ECDP centre and is staffed by a number of very experienced teachers, teacher aides, and the head of special education .

The second special education program (SEP) is based within the primary school precinct and caters for a diverse range of students with disabilities from the prep year to year 6.